FloodMap Map Service

The FloodMap map service provides emergency services personnel with an online map application to help in the management of floods over Australia. Datasets recent and archival flooding, DEM, hydrology and infrastructure layers, and other useful map layers.

FloodMap Map Service - Public Access
If you are interested in a having a customised map service created, gaining access to the Floodmap Web Map Service (WMS) or accessing the digital data please contact Andrew Buchanan on Andrew.Buchanan@landgate.wa.gov.au or Tel. 08 9387 0330.

If you previously have been accessing the ‘Subscriber Access’ site, please now use the ‘Public Access’ site that does not require a login, as it now has all the same functionality.

FloodMap Map Service - Fitzroy Crossing Pilot Project
This service is only available to subscribers. No zoom level restriction applies, and this services allows access to file downloads and includes datasets such as detailed roads over WA.

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